Cultural Programe

India today is a country of contrasts:  a modernizing economy in which village production continues to dominate, a vibrant democracy with an entrenched bureaucracy, a nuclear power in the place where nonviolent protest was born.  ce for women.


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Kitty Parties

A kitty party is a get together of, usually, housewives ,where the party is held in one lady's house or in hotel,(if house is not convenient) every month. One lady collects money from all members who intend to attend the party or One person throw the party in turns. Food is arranged by the hostess,a few games,gossiping, is actually a way of time pass and saving and sense of belonging to a group.

Kids Game

Outdoor activities makes summer fun for kids activities! There are great outdoor games for children whether you have a small garden or need a group game. Find outside games like Red Rove, Kick the can, Hit the door and Mother May I with our activity finder – easy to learn and free.

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